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Rich Cole
The Landlords

"The Landlords" is a brief but imaginative story exploring the relations between the modern human race and a group of aliens called The Landlords who reveal to us that we have only been allowed to exist on planet Earth based on an ancient contract with them, a contract which recently expired and warrants our eviction from Earth.
The story explores the various interactions that the human race has with these extraterrestrial beings in a bid to reach a resolution before we are forcefully evicted from the planet.
The aliens start to reveal to us various events in our human development and history, much of which had remained a mystery to us over time, and how these events relate directly or indirectly with them, and the contract to which both our species are bound.
The greatest of the world's leaders are pressed to find solutions while the aliens plot ways to rid the planet of us, gently or forcibly.

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