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Marzia Stella
Luckily it's not raining

Marta Rice, a modest baker in a small town was faced with losing her dream job. All her life, what she wanted was to live quietly as a baker, and earn modestly for her and her mother but, life isn't a wish granting factory.
The bakery she had worked at for seven years was going to close down, and knowing she had no other skills she could bank on, her life was about to take a huge nosedive.
Marta would have to work around the clock to save her dream job from slipping through her fingers.
Asides the groveling job, she would have to be under continuous surveillance from the police. Being the only one who could identify a notorious gang that had been terrorizing the community for a while because of an unfortunate and comical accident, Marta would have to cooperate with the police to help bring them to justice.
Juggling jobs to earn a lot of money, and constantly watching over her shoulder was entirely draining, but nothing could stop her from achieving her dreams.

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