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Hank Fredo
Sustainable SH*T
The Ascension of a Millennial Hipster

Robert is a successful creative at Publicus and Partners.
For a long time, Robert has been dealing with an inner turmoil, always embracing any new trend. To people around him, his life is perfect.
However, when Robert wakes up one night claiming he has a heart attack, his darkest demons spill out into the open. Visible to everyone, he becomes a source of worry and dilemma to his boss, colleagues at work, and girlfriend.
One day during a meeting with an important client, Robert has a major outburst, leaving everybody speechless. After the event, Robert disappears into thin air, cutting off from society and going into the woods.
In a struggle to discover where he truly belongs, he will settle to be one with nature. A choice that gives him relative peace for a while before he achieves perfect serenity by expending the utmost price.

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