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Hank Fredo
Frank Martino
The Accidental Killer

Life is all about twists and turns but what do you do when the twists and turns are personified in one person?
Meet Frank, a nerd in oversized clothing, but happens to be one of the top hitmen in the business of assassination. He battles his inner demons and at the same time stands for what is right. He has done it all and is considered one of the best in the business but what happens when he accidentally runs into the best detective in the game?
Hannah is worried about the series of murders that are set up to look like accidents that have been happening in the city. She has cracked down on several crimes in the past and she is not willing to go soft on this one. In the midst of it all, love seems to be knocking on the door of the heart. Will she open up? Will it complicate the situation for her?
This thriller fiction gives the biggest twist of all when Frank and Hannah run into each other in the most unusual of circumstances.
Will they find out each other's deepest fears?
Will the secret of the accidental murders be discovered?
Find out all this and more in this thrilling mystery fiction.

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