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Rich Cole
The yoga master fighter

Joe wanted to live the life he had been enjoying his entire life so far, breakfast whenever he woke up, sleep while the sun shone, and a few naps throughout the night when he knew no one else would eat his food. However, life has a funny way of only making things like that possible after some hard work has been done, which is why Joe woke one day to a world going crazy.
With his friend Hugo the frog, Joe set off on an unwanted adventure away from their cozy pond, encountering a snake that likes birds and a bird that likes bugs. Entering the big city for answers, the trash started to pile up and it did not take long for everyone to smell something wrong in the air. Joe never thought he’d have to deal with any humans, but his adventure soon means that he may very well be the only one who can save them.
Follow Joe, his friends and a few very confused people solve the problem of their town, why are there towers of trash on every street corner? What happened to the all the animals that would thrive in them? How did a one man being scorned change the world?
What should Joe do to enjoy living his life in the laziest way possible?

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