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MarziaStella LonelyHearts cover2 ebook low.jpg

Marzia Stella
Lonely Hearts

Tori just wants to advance her career as a chef. Her next-door neighbour Sy just wants to find a girlfriend. Tori is always making too much noise late at night when Sy is trying to sleep. Sy’s dates always interrupt Tori’s nights off. Soon, what starts as a minor disagreement turns into an all-out war.
The more the two try to avoid each other, the more they are drawn together. They may both be lonely, but that doesn’t mean they want to spend any time with each other. It makes dating, working, and even going about their daily lives all the more difficult. Their only option to live in peace may be to get the other evicted from the apartment building. Unfortunately, they both come up with this idea at the same time.
Will Sy and Tori ever learn to put aside their differences to see their similarities? Or are they forever destined to clash?

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