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Rich Cole
The yoga master fighter 3

Ever since Hugh performed the Godhead Asana his life has never been the same. A call from an old friend leads him out of LA for an adventure that will test his abilities in brand new ways. The ghost of a former enemy asks Hugh to find his murderer and he gets pulled into a world of magic, old gods, and great sacrifice. Moloch is an ancient god who has escaped from his prison and seeks to rewrite reality in his image and it will take Hugh, Otto, and a host of new and old friends to save the world because Hugh's powers seem useless against Moloch. Mystery and horror follow in the third adventure of Hugh Benton.
Yoga Master Fighter mixes action-adventure-horror into an irreverent novel which entertains consistently it contains: Martial Arts Fighting, Ancient Gods, Weird Enemies, Gruesome Villains, Con Artist Magician, Thrills and Mayhem and New Orleans.

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