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Rich Cole
The legend of Swineheart

The town of Maraila is a small place, bland and boring, just like so many other small towns in the middle of nowhere. A baby boy was born here, and his family looked forward to raising him. That was, until the entire town was burned down, and everyone died, except for the little boy. He was found by a pig, and taken in as her own son. So, he grew up with the pigs, called them his family, and lived in the forest as a wild man. Until, one day, a pair of hunters found him, naked and grunting, and wondered how they could make money from him. It was here, in these humble surroundings, that the legend of Swineheart began. Will he find out why his village was burned? Will he be strong enough to take his revenge? Will he be able to pick out a suitable outfit for a human? These are the questions that will be answered in this tale, the first of many.

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