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Rich Cole
The hunters den

Zoe Lucas is an American reporter on a special report mission in Panama. She finds herself within one of the most dangerous national parks on earth – The Darien National Park. Upon her arrival, she finds solace within a group of men and women fighting to protect the animals in the park.
However, terror descends when the leader of the group dies and a new leader -- Rharzin Borgan -- takes over. Insistent on being called The Alumbrada, Rharzin introduces drugs and torture into the group activities. Soon, they find themselves luring hunters into the park, torturing them, and leaving them naked, weaponless, and defenseless against the wild animals. Slowly, insanity descends on the group.
Day by day, it gets worse. Zoe attempts to escape, but The Alumbrada is right on her heels.
An intriguing and heart-wrenching twist comes when the hunter becomes the hunted. Everyone runs from one and chases another. Who eventually comes out of the hunt alive?

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