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Rich Cole
The forgotten town

Rayan Janssen has always thought he had a connection with his twin brother, Jurre, and when his instincts tell him that there’s something wrong, his worries are confirmed when his brother doesn’t return with his girlfriend from a backpacking trip in a remote fishing town in Fjällbacka, Sweden.
Reported missing, no news comes back from the detectives that have taken the case, and with no one else believing him that his brother is still alive, Rayan decides to travel to the small town himself. When the secretive residents keep to themselves and express just how unaccommodating they are to outsiders, Rayan must find the truth about his brother’s whereabouts in hopes of bringing him home.
But something underlying and sinister is happening in the shadows, something that’s wanting Rayan to fail. Well out of his comfort zone, Rayan must unlock the town’s secrets, and find his brother before it’s too late.

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