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Rich Cole
Crazy Cat Lady

In a dystopian society filled with absurdity and violence, Michelle has chosen to be different. While everyone else has lost sense of humanity, Michelle chooses to maintain hers and ensure her nephew sees only the humanity and sanity of the world. In a society no animal is spared and even domestic animals and insects get eaten. Everyone has turned to hunting and scavenging. However, Michelle in an attempt to maintain sanity drifts into a crazy need to protect the animals she loves the most in the world; Cats. Driven by this desire, she pitches herself against the savages.
Willing to risk her life, she will go to any length to save any feline from ending up in the belly of a human.
Her only purpose is to protect her cats and her nephew. As such, she cuts herself off from the rest of the town, and lives with her felines and nephew, obsessing over society and always muttering to herself.
All hell breaks loose when she eventually "rescues" a huge catch belonging to none other than the leader of the savages -- Machismo himself. He will stop at nothing to catch the culprit and punish the person for their crimes. Michelle will go to any length to protect her and all that is hers.
Discover what happens when crazy meets absurdity. How possible is it to remain sane in a world where everyone else has gone insane?

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