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Pier Maria Colombo
A Greek horror story

Detectives Tasos and Michalis, partners on the local police force, are tasked with trying to solve a string of murders in Athens, Greece. While Michalis believes it was the work of local gangs, Tasos is hell-bent on proving the ritualistic murders were the work of one local man.

Giannis has always been the quiet outcast, but a good son to his parents, according to locals. He spends his days playing tabletop fantasy games and renting out flats to tourists to just barely pay the bills. But Giannis has been acting strange lately, whispering to shadows and searching abandoned houses. His friends are starting to worry; how much do they really know about him?

As the murders stack up, time is running out before mass hysteria sets in on the city. Tasos and Michaelis need to find the killer before he takes the next victim.

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