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MarziaStella Ophelia cover ebook low.jpg

Marzia Stella
My name is Ophelia

Ophelia, a young lady in her early twenties finds love in the eyes of a local writer, Edward Turner. She is attracted to his art, and he to her name. Their love quickly blossoms as Ophelia and Edward move in together. Fate however plays its card on Ophelia as the tables turn, and the man she once knew to be loving turns on her as a monster. Time runs swiftly as Ophelia endures the torment of emotional abuse. With wilting dreams, an estranged family and network of friends, Ophelia falls back on her eating disorder. Unable to handle Edward’s continuous gaslighting, infidelity, and criticisms, Ophelia throws in the towel at life. Will she survive it? Will she break or break free from Edward Turner’s grip?

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