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Kylie Jensen
365 Days of sex

It's always heartbreak when you lose a relationship that has been your whole world for five years. It is even more heartbreaking when the relationship ends via a text message on your anniversary, which also happens to be New Year's Eve. With determination, a curiosity for the wilder side of life, and a vendetta, Christine is resolved to fulfill her new resolution - an erotic experience every single day for the year 2018.
It could have been spite, anger, or a healthy dose of defiance that spurred her on but over the coming months, she has kept a journal about her escapades and her erotic journey into the unknown. Her ex was far behind and she was not looking back, enjoying every pleasure she never had, and meeting new and exciting people as a social media associate.
She was ready for all the different kinks, requests, inexperience, and various erotic adventures, but she was not willing, or ready, to feel real emotions. When this happens, a choice must be made and it is her own past, and trauma, that is holding her back. Is she heading down a destructive path, sure to unhinge her mind and erotic desires? Only time will tell.

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