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Hank Fredo
The unconventional guide to screwing-up friends

Jack is a goal-getter. The one guy that knows how to achieve his dream and remains completely unstoppable.
Ever wanted to know how to get ahead? Get the girl of your dreams, a contract or that promotion you've been seeking? Jack knows the way.
Jack Hudson is a creative director and Marketer in Sekani Advertising Agency. He has his eyes on the top and has the abilities to get what he wants irrespective of who gets hurt. Whoever gets in the way simply becomes collateral damage and when he needs to solve a problem? Jack knows that the end always justifies the means.
Using an unconventional guide, he is able to move his brother, sister, and best friend out of the way of his goals. He achieves everything he desires and everything works his way.
So, if you have your eyes at the top, let Jack show you the way. Nonetheless, with every action comes a consequence. Hopefully, you are willing to swim in these oceans with him as well.

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