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Hank Fredo
Primal Dreams

Four college students (Adam, Simon, Mia and Laurene) embark on a journey towards a jungle that turns out to be more than they could’ve ever imagined. The tribe living in the jungle, and its way of living, is a pleasant surprise for Adam while the whole experience is blood curdling for his friends. They are skeptical, but Adam is adamant that this place is perfect for him because he has found what he had always been looking for: drugs, unreal visions, ‘non-human’ people and evolving flashbacks which bring him closer to the truth with each passing day.

The others have to run, for the sake of their lives, far away whether it’s with Adam or without him. But escaping this clutch of twisted events almost seems to be insurmountable.

Will they be able to escape or will their identities succumb to despair?

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