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Giuseppe Cristiano
The elimination of words

Sometime in the future when thinking for oneself is prohibited, a devoted soldier to the NWO government begins to question his loyalty after the public execution of a famous elite politician. This execution which was meant to hide secrets sparks a chain of rebelliousness on the side of the inquisitive soldier, and after snooping around for answers, he finally discovers the reason for the parliament's member swift execution.
In the course of his digging, the soldier comes across cold hard truths hidden in a mysterious book, which revealed the government was responsible for a viral disease outbreak meant for "population control" and also the ruthless nuking of countries that refused to parley with the NEW WORLD ORDER government.
This soldier realizes that he must pick a side, and chooses to go against his masters, triggering a worldwide manhunt which exposes the government's cataclysmic plan to convert the masses into brainless human beings.

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