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Giuseppe Cristiano

When Mia woke up, something wasn't right with the world. In fact, as the week progressed, things just got stranger. Day by day, all the colors in the world seem to be disappearing! What could be the reason for this strange occurrence? With some help from her friends, and a close to up and personal meeting with mother nature herself, Mia sets out to change the world, right the wrongs, and restore the missing colors to all parts of the world. Mia and her mixed bunch of friends truly prove themselves to be heroes for the world as we know It. But what made the colors disappear? You will never believe the reason!
Giuseppe Cristiano's colors is a fantasy adventure story featuring Mia and her motley crew of friends who save the world that’s losing all its color.
This story is a strong lesson about how we all form part of both the circle of life and society, and how the only way of living this life sustainably is by honoring, respecting and loving Mother Nature and what she offers.

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