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Marco Ferro

The cold of Stockholm

After landing his dream job in a strange new country, Luciano’s hopes for the future are

bright. Landing in Stockholm, Sweden in the middle of summer seems like a dream. The

beauty of his new home only manifests further that this is a place where he could settle


Adjusting to Swedish life turns out to be more challenging than Luciano could have

imagined. The people are colder than he’s used to, hard to get close to. Making a connection

when you hardly speak the language is just another barrier between him and the people in

this place he had hoped to call home.

Can Luciano find his place in Stockholm, or is it just far too cold for his Italian heart?

A tale of hopes and dreams, about finding your place in this great, big world, Luciano’s story

is one of adjustment and finding your path in life. It’s not easy, but you can make any place a

home if you really want to.